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Tierney Norris is a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience in the neonatal intensive care setting, a passionate lactation consultant, and most proudly, a wife and mom of two happy children.  Throughout her professional nursing career, she has had the privilege of educating and guiding new parents as they prepare to take on the greatest responsibility of taking their newborn home. 


From her many years at the bedside to her personal experience naturally birthing and breastfeeding both children (her 2 1/2 year old currently), Tierney is delighted to be the encouraging voice, the cheerleader, the educator who helps moms meet their own breastfeeding goals.  She has worked extensively with families of premature babies that are finally making their way home after a NICU stay, and also countless full term healthy newborns.  She understands from a medical, nursing, breastfeeding, and mother's perspective that the absolute joys of becoming a mom are met with struggles that can be overcome with great support and knowledge. 


Topics would range from the importance of the sacred hour after birth, to basic newborn care (bathing/swaddling/umbilical cord care/etc.), to what to expect in the hospital, how to advocate for the birth you are hoping for, breastfeeding positions and techniques, safety at home, home equipment and medications, the first few weeks at home, breastmilk pumping and storage, and so on.  Tierney hopes to provide private prenatal and newborn education, and also in home lactation support so that your family feels greatly empowered as you welcome your new baby into our world!

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